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Being an active committee member is a great way to network!

Our Members

The WBC board is very excited that so many members are interested in volunteering their time and expertise to various committees. For your convenience a brief description of each committee’s activities and committee chairwoman’s contact information is provided below. Take a moment to review this information and contact a committee chairwoman to learn how you can get more involved!

Valerie Clemens
Valerie’s Dance Studio
The Ambassadors/Membership Committee promotes a welcoming, affirming and supportive environment within WBC for members and non-members. Each month they are assigned tasks to welcome non-members and members to our luncheons and provide new member orientation on a rotating basis. Membership is grown by contacting prospective members.

Business Card Exchanges
Diana Mattingly
First Resource Bank
The Business Card Exchanges Committee is responsible for assisting sponsors with monthly Business Card Exchanges. The group works with sponsors to publicize the event, and also provides mentoring.

Community Partner
Suzanne Young
(215) 840-0271
The Community Partner Committee is responsible for charitable and other community programs the Board may approve from time to time. The committee acts as liaison with WBC’s community outreach partner and seeks other outreach programs for WBC.

Marketing & PR
Jennifer Walker
Peak Legal Group
(610) 580-4689

The Marketing & PR Committee works to find new and innovative ways to increase the WBC’s visibility. The committee evaluates member feedback to provide value-added services to the membership. It also reaches out to new markets to grow the WBC, and communicates with local news and social media outlets to provide information regarding the group, its members in action and upcoming events. This committee also publishes a newsletter which serves as a means of communicating information regarding WBC, its members and topics of interest to the membership.
Jenn Finding
The Programs Committee plans and executes the programming for the regular monthly meetings, which includes contacting and maintaining a list of prospective speakers for the meetings.

Special Events
Gina MacDonald
Freedom Village
The Special Events Committee is responsible for planning and executing special WBC events, such as the annual Expo and annual Awards Celebration. Members meet monthly throughout the year and more often around the major events. Each member provides assistance in the areas of planning, preparation and execution of the event, based on their respective interests and skills. Specific areas include, but are not limited to: marketing, material distribution, public relations, photography, and mentoring.

Debi Friedmann
Blue Dog Printing & Design


The Sponsorship Committee coordinates event and meeting sponsorship for the Organization. They are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance the sponsorship programs within WBC.